Passionate Cyclists


We are constantly looking for useful and trendy innovations that make life more comfortable cycling, exciting or just more fun. All products are carefully selected by us and tested to ensure your cycling. First of all we are passionate and enthusiastic Cyclists and this is the main reason for our wide popularity. We are first of all customers for the same things we shall propose to you afterwards. You must be very confident about our advice, for sure we are selling you something e have already tested.



At our shop you'll find a very wide range of Bike's brands.


Our focus is on quality, and this is because we are authorized dealers of:
TREKBIKES, SCOTT, CANNONDALE, HAIBIKE, CUBE beside our own brand manufacturing of MATHITECH Bikes.






Mathitech Shop is always up to date for what concerns Technology. This is the reason why we are a reference in E Bikes, most Technological parts and so on. 

At Mathitech you can find a wide range of accessories, parts, bike apparel and so on.



At the same time, Mathitech offer SKI Service and SKI, Head Brand mainly.

Our Top Man in this specialty is Ales, who is also a well known Ski trainer.


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  +386 (0)5 555 50 44

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