We offer full range of repairs and maintenance services in our extensively equipped workshop facilities.
Experienced technicians with wealth of know-how and dedication to complete the service to higher standars.
We pride ourselves on our mechenical expertise, quality of work and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to come in with your bike and we will give you a quote on the spot. Our key to service excellence is that most repairs are completed within 48 hours.

We work on all bikes, not just on bike shop bikes.


What we do
Our repair shop can handle any repair, on any bike (no matter where you bought it!), from a quick flat tire fix to an in-depth overhaul of every system on your bike. We're proficient with modern technology plus the classic stuff, so we're equipped for what you ride and any repair it may need.
Mathitech shop offers the following service packages—in addition to a complete range of repairs—to keep your trusty ride in prime condition, or to bring a long-neglected bike back to life:


Free tune-up
Every bicycle sold at Mathitech includes a free tune-up. All new bikes go through a normal break-in period, after which it's important to check cables and other parts and readjust as necessary. This can help increase the longevity and performance of your bike.
Bring in your bike for its free tune-up within 20 hours of use or 6 months from purchase, whichever comes first—contact your Mathitech bike shop to schedule this important (and free!) service.


Includes all Standard services on baby bikes, Trekking bikes MTB Bikes, Road Bike etc.

This Service is  charged: 30 Eur/hour


Includes all Standard services on baby bikes, Trekking bikes MTB Bikes, Road Bike etc. required in one day time.

This kind of express service is not always available, depending on in line upwards service jobs.

This Service is  charged: 59 Eur/hour


Mathitech is highly specialized in all kind of service on E-bikes, as Mathitech is an E-bike manufacturer too.

The shop is Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Shimano Step and Ansmann motors qualified.

Service dedicated to electric and electronic parts, Software updates, Batteries and light connections, and similar, is covered by this

third level of Service, as well as each and all the services related to electronic gear components (Sram E-Tap, Shimano Di2 Series, FSA Electronic and similar).


This E-Bike Informatic and Electronic Service is priced 45,00 Eur/hour



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