Accell Group has announced it will move production of Ghost's carbon fibre hardtails from Asia to the Rein4ced facility in Belgium.

We covered the technology behind Rein4ced last year but in short, they are using robots and thermoplastics to bring carbon manufacturing back to Europe with a process that they say is more environmentally friendly and will produce a stronger frame than conventional carbon construction.

The frames will be built using Rein4ced's Feather composite, which is a blend of carbon and steel, that they claim has all the lightweight benefits of carbon but with superior strength to weight ratio. The new manufacturing process will also mean a greener end product as it will reduce overseas shipments and the thermoplastics used can be recycled.

Currently, only some of Ghost's carbon hardtail production will be transferred to Belgium with the rest of its range still being built in Asia. The frames will be available from mid-2020 in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic.



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